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Occupational health and safety trainings are key prerequisites for preventing accidents at work and promoting work behavior which ensures accurate implementation of occupational activities, as well as health, safety and protection of employees.

Occupational activities which involve work with equipment, machines and installations can be dangerous and requires special training on work safety and provision of first aid. In compliance with the requirements of national legislation, employees should be informed, educated, trained and advised on the aspects of their safety and health at work.

In order to help its clients conform to the requirements for occupational health and safety training, "HESPA" Professional Education Center offers the following training courses:

  • Trainings and exams for acquiring occupational health and safety qualification groups
  • Trainings on national rules and regulations on occupational health and safety
  • Trainings on activities for managing occupational health and safety
  • Trainings on the responsibilities and tasks of officials and specialized services within enterprises in connection to organizing and implementing occupational risks protection and prevention activities
  • Trainings of representatives of Occupational Conditions Committees and Groups within companies

As a result of the trainings and exams, HESPA OOD issues the following required documents:

  • Minutes of the examination for the qualification group
  • Certificate of qualification obtained for the occupational safety and health qualification group
  • Minutes and Certificate for validation of knowledge according to the Rules and Regulations
  • Certificate of completion of training


HESPA Professional Education Center offers a wide array of courses for quality assurance managers, company managers and people who want to expand and develop their knowledge and skills. The Professional Education Center at „HESPA“ Ltd. issues official, licensed Certificates for all training courses.

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