Occupational medicine is a medical sciences division with a prevention focus on the health and safety of employees within organizations. Its main role is to provide health advice to employers and to encourage and ensure proper conditions for maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.

Occupational medicine helps prevent occupational accidents and illnesses by constant monitoring of the health of workers, analysis of the work conditions and the environment which have an impact on their activities, and assessment of the risks associated with their safety and health. It also provides recommendations which help employers define, develop and establish measures for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions.

In connection with the objectives of establishing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions within organizations, "HESPA" Ltd. offers the following services:

Occupational medicine services:

» Development and maintainance of confidential employees' health records

» Annual analysis of the health status of workers based on the results of preventive health screenings, the indicators for temporary and permanent disability, and their relationship with the working conditions

» Comprehensive advisory services related to the obligations of employers to comply with the requirements of the Law on Health and Safety at Work and Ordinance № 3 for Occupational Health Services

» Development of a comprehensive internal company policy and organization with a focus on occupational health and safety

» Development of guidelines and measures related to the prevention, termination, reduction and / or elimination of the risks to the health and safety of employees at work

» Participation in the meetings of the Working Conditions Committees or the Working Conditions Groups within organizations

» Development of internal company audits on occupational health and safety

» Consulting services related to all aspects of the working conditions within organizations, provided to both employers and employees

» Assistance with the process of determining health screenings intervals and organizing mandatory medical examinations, in compliance with Ordinance № 3 (SG, issue 102/1994 ) – at the request of employers