Strategy, objectives and commitments

Our mission is to help people preserve the environment and human health and safety. Our main objective is to assist organizations in the process of preventing industries' negative impact on the environment and human health. We achieve our objectives by performing environmental and occupational health and safety measurements and assessments, advising clients on how to lead healthy and safe lifestyles at work, monitoring occupational health indicators, and providing knowledge for development of management systems which help protect the environment and human health and safety.

We guarantee objective measurements and assessments, and efficiency and quality of all services within “HESPA” Ltd. Our employees share the values, strategy, objectives and commitments of our Company as they adhere to the requirements for efficient and quality provision of services, the rules of the internal Quality Management System at “HESPA” Ltd. and the relevant laws and regulations, and the requirements of the Management Board for integrity, loyalty, independence, impartiality, and corporate and social responsibility.

Our team members guarantee the provision of professional, accurate and efficient services in reaching our goals of performance quality and client satisfaction.