In respect to the need and requirements for conducting assessment and evaluation of occupational risks and implementing measures to ensure occupational safety and health, "HESPA" Ltd. conducts:

Risk assessment of occupational duties and conditions, workplaces, and equipment:

  • Analysis of the occupational risks related to the health and safety of workers, in connection with the Law on health and safety at work
  • Development of recommendations and measures needed to prevent, restrict, control and/or eradicate these risks, and to ensure the occupational health and safety, industrial hygiene, and efficient fire prevention service

Every year many people get injured at work while performing their occupational duties, or their health becomes endangered as a result of adverse factors associated with their occupation. At the same time, employers are required to ensure the safety and health of workers in every aspect related to their occupational activities. For this purpose, employers are required to carry out risk assessment, which is one of the main mechanisms for maintaning healthy workplaces and preventing accidents and illnesses which affect people as a consequence of their occupational duties.

Risk assessment is a dynamic process which enables organizations to manage – evaluate, eliminate and prevent – occupational risks in the workplace. It helps analyze and evaluate the risks to employees' health and safety imposed by their occupational activities. As a result of this evaluation and when necessary, employers introduce measures which introduce improvements in the health and safety of their employees, and preventive measures related to the work and management methods within their companies. These measures ensure improvements in the level of protection of employees with regard to their occupational health and safety.

Proper risk assessment ensures that all (not only the immediate or obvious) relevant risks are taken into account, and that the effectiveness of the recommended and implemented safety measures is validated. For this purpose, it is necessary that risk assessments are reviewed on a regular basis so that they reflect the current state of health and safety measures.