HESPA Ltd. was established in 1991 as an Electrical Testing Laboratory. For its lifespan of 29 years it has been evolving and expanding its services in the field of OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Today, HESPA Ltd. is specialized in providing testing, inspection and consulting services that help preserve and promote human and environmental health and safety. We have completed the circle of activities necessary for human life protection and protection of the air we breathe. The teams at HESPA Ltd. define themselves as a Rapid Reaction Corps which responds to clients' needs in the most immediate and efficient mode.

Throughout the years, the Company has proved to be a trustworthy partner in the world of human health and environmental protection, characterized by high quality of the services provided to clients, cutting-edge technologies, substantial expertise, exceptional professionalism, rapid response, and loyalty and credibility of its management and engineering teams.

In its history, HESPA Ltd. has worked with clients representing a vast array of sectors, helping them understand and manage efficiently the process of promoting employees' health and safety, and the mechanisms for mitigating the negative impact of their occupational activities on society and the environment. 

These major sectors include:

»the food industry
»the textile industry
»the tobacco industry
»the construction industry and production of construction materials
»manufacture of electrical equipment

»the pulp and paper industry
»the pharmaceutical industry
»the mining industry
»the chemical industry
»air, water and land transport
»the oil industry
»the energy industry
»the agricultural industry
»hospitality and tourism
»the trade industry