HESPA Ltd. was established in 1991 as an Electrical Testing Laboratory. For its lifespan of 29 years it has been evolving and expanding its services in the field of OCCUPATIONAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND SAFETY AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

Today, HESPA Ltd. is specialized in providing testing, inspection and consulting services that help preserve and promote human and environmental health and safety. We have completed the circle of activities necessary for human life protection and protection of the air we breathe. The teams at HESPA Ltd. define themselves as a Rapid Reaction Corps which responds to clients' needs in the most immediate and efficient mode.



Throughout the years, the Company has proved to be a trustworthy partner in the world of human health and environmental protection, characterized by high quality of the services provided to clients, cutting-edge technologies, substantial expertise, exceptional professionalism, rapid response, and loyalty and credibility of its management and engineering teams.

In its history, HESPA Ltd. has worked with clients representing a vast array of sectors, helping them understand and manage efficiently the process of promoting employees' health and safety, and the mechanisms for mitigating the negative impact of their occupational activities on society and the environment.


These major sectors include:

»the food industry
»the textile industry
»the tobacco industry
»the construction industry and production of construction materials
»manufacture of electrical equipment

»the pulp and paper industry
»the pharmaceutical industry
»the mining industry
»the chemical industry
»air, water and land transport
»the oil industry
»the energy industry
»the agricultural industry
»hospitality and tourism
»the trade industry


HESPA Ltd. is a leader in providing advisory and engineering services related to human and environmental health and safety. We have three decades of experience as a company, and our founders' experience in the field goes well beyond these decades. We offer comprehensive solutions to understanding and implementing human and environmental health and safety processes. Our inspection, testing, analytical and consultancy services contribute to preventing the risks to human and environmental health, safety and protection.

Protecting human life and the environment is our vocation, and our vocation protecting these is our biggest passion. This passion has turned into our mission. This is why our Founders' motto is: „If not you, then who? If not now, then when?“


HESPA Ltd. is a renouned occupational and environmental health and safety center which has adapted a comprehensive approach in serving its clients. We have developed as a health and safety guardian who offers the entire array of health and safety activities which help understand and follow the requirements for protecting human health and the environment within the companies of our clients as well as within the general population.


All testing and inspection services at the Inspection Body and Testing Laboratory within „HESPA“ Ltd. are accredited, and the services offered by the Occupational Medicine Service and the Professional Education Center are certified according to national and internationally recognized standards. All departments within HESPA Ltd. have valid registration and certification credentials, licenses, business permits, and accreditation certificates.

Inspection body

The Inspection Body at „HESPA“ Ltd. is accredited by Executive Agency „Bulgarian Accreditation Service“ within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, in compliance with the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17020:2012.

Testing laboratory

The Testing Laboratory at „HESPA“ Ltd. is accredited by Executive Agency „Bulgarian Accreditation Service“ within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Bulgaria, in compliance with the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment activities withing „HESPA“ Ltd. are carried out in compliance with Certificate № 456, issued on 29.09.2000 г. от University of Mining and Geology, Sofia, and Quality Assurance and Management Certificate, issued in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 by Center for Testing and European Certification.

Professional Education Center

The Professional Education Center at „HESPA“ Ltd. carries out its educational activities in compliance with License № 2016121317 issued on 25.07.2016 by National Agency for Vocational Education and Training, Order № Рд-16-489, issued on 22.05.2007 by the Ministry of Economy and Energy, and Registration № 2530, issued on 27.05.2009 by Executive Agency „General Labour Inspectorate“ within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. The educational activities within the Professional Eduation Center are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Occupational Medicine Service

The activities of our Occupational Medicine Service is registered with Certificate № 182 – 3, issued on August 27, 2012 by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria, and is certified according to ISO 9001 by Center for Testing and European Certification.


All activities carried out by the different departments within “HESPA” Center for Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety are determined by mandatory rules and regulations concerning occupational and civil health and safety and environmental protection. The main requirements are described in the regulations outlined below. Our activities are developed and carried out in compliance with the requirements of these regulations and related guidelines and measures.

  • Labor Code
  • Law on Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Clean Air Law
  • Law on Protection from Environmental Noise Pollution
  • Energy Efficiency Act


Our Inspection Body, Testing Laboratory, Occupational Medicine Service, and Professional Education Center employ sophisticated Quality Management Systems which conform to the regulations of the following standards:

  • EN ISO / IEC 17020:2012
  • EN ISO / IEC 17025:2018
  • ISO 9001:2015

 In order to obtain more information on our accreditation and certification credentials and our conformity to the aforementioned internationally acclaimed standards, please visit our page Accreditation


Our Company conducts its activities within two management and testing locations – in the cities of Sofia and Pazardjik. Our facilities are equipped in compliance with the high-tech requirements of international standards and the management board of “HESPA” Ltd. Regardless of the location of our offices, our managers and mobile teams of engineers and consultants offer quick and effective response to clients' needs throughout the country.


The employees at “HESPA” Ltd. have the necessary experience, proficiency, technical competence, professional training, and qualification in the scope of activities offered by the Company, as well as a high level of ethics in carrying out their activities. Our Experts have extensive expertise and practice in the fields of physics, chemistry, electronics, electrical engineering, energy, pedagogy, medicine, diplomacy, and the development, maintenance and auditing of Quality Management Systems.

The educational system at our Company guarantees consistent and effective professional training and development of our employees.


We use high-tech, cutting-edge equipment for our inspection and testing services. The equipment used for measuring and testing by our Inspection Body and Testing Laboratory are manufactured by leading European and American companies and calibrated periodically by accredited Bulgarian and European organizations. We employ sophisticated computer technologies in our quality management and assessment processes.

Strategy, objectives and commitments

Our mission is to help people preserve the environment and human health and safety. Our main objective is to assist organizations in the process of preventing industries' negative impact on the environment and human health. We achieve our objectives by performing environmental and occupational health and safety measurements and assessments, advising clients on how to lead healthy and safe lifestyles at work, monitoring occupational health indicators, and providing knowledge for development of management systems which help protect the environment and human health and safety.

We guarantee objective measurements and assessments, and efficiency and quality of all services within “HESPA” Ltd. Our employees share the values, strategy, objectives and commitments of our Company as they adhere to the requirements for efficient and quality provision of services, the rules of the internal Quality Management System at “HESPA” Ltd. and the relevant laws and regulations, and the requirements of the Management Board for integrity, loyalty, independence, impartiality, and corporate and social responsibility.

Our team members guarantee the provision of professional, accurate and efficient services in reaching our goals of performance quality and client satisfaction.