Together with You, we work for Your health and safety as well as for environmental protection

We help our clients develop their companies as institutions that are highly responsible to their staff, the population and the environment

We help our clients manage proactively the health and safety risks related to their activities at work

Our services help our clients comply with state and international legislation in the fields of occupational health and safety and environmental protection

We assist the establishment and maintenance of occupational health and safety for all

We assist the environmental protection process

We address the challenges and needs of the present, with a view of the necessary steps that need to be taken in the future, to help protect human and enviromental health and safety

We provide knowledge to help people develop and excel in their ventures

We help understand, develop and improve Quality Management Systems necessary for effective organizational performance

We help our world become a healthier and safer place

Inspection body

We help You analyze, manage and control the aspects that affect Your health and safety at the workplace and at home, and the protection of the environment.

Testing laboratory

We help measure, analyze and manage the factors that affect the environment.

Occupational Medicine Service

We analyze any occupational risks that might affect the health of Your co-workers, and help You create the conditions necessary for prevention of these risks

Risk Assessment

We analyze and evaluate the occupational risks associated with the tasks and equipment at Your organizations, and guide You in the process of managing the activities that help eliminate and prevent these risks.

Professional Education Center

We help You increase and update Your knowledge on the conditions necessary for ensuring the health and safety of employees, and the legislation associated with occupational health and safety.


We help You research and assess the indicators for business development, occupational health and safety improvements, environmental protection, and much more.

Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services

We help our clients understand and implement the requirements for developing and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions. We also help our clients implement activities for promoting occupational health and safety.

Environmental Protection Advisory Services

We help our clients understand the requirements for protecting the environment during their occupational activities. We also help our clients manage the activities that guarantee environmental protection.